May 13, 2012

amy + will | fredricktown, ohio engagement photography

Amy and Will are an amazing couple. Just spend 5 minutes with them and you will be bale to tell that they were made for each other. Luckily I got to spend way more then 5 minutes with them at their engagement session and got to document their undying love for one another. All engagement sessions start out a little awkward because people aren't used to having a camera in their face documenting every detail about them, but then it wares off and everyone relaxes. Amy and Will were so cute at their session because they were inseparable and completely into each other. There love and happiness was infectious. I don't think I have smiled that much at an engagement session ever. They giggled, kissed, hugged, laughed, snuggled, eskimo kissed, or and did I mention giggle cause there was a lot of it. It was wonderful feeling being around Amy and Will and I personally think it would be impossible not to be happy just by being near these two together. I can't say enough good things about Amy and Will and I can't wait to document their wedding day!

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