May 9, 2012

iphone-o-graphs of the day

So I know I have not posted an iphone-o-graph entry for quite some time now, but I am finally ready to post again. I took a long time deciding if I wanted to even continue this project, and after thinking long and hard about it, I decided I did want to continue this project. I knew I needed to change the design of it because I was very unhappy with my last design but I felt like I didn't know how to approach a new design without it being too similar to the first design. So without drawing things out even further the good news is that I have created a new layout and I am really happy with it.

I went back to doing more of a collage arrangement because that is how I really want it to be showcased. I don't want each image to be as separated as they were in my last posts. I felt that 7 images collaged together was just very flat and uninteresting. I really wanted the whole collage of images to speak as one crazy piece. Then when it was looked at more closely you would see all the individual images had there own story to tell.

Life can be very chaotic, and a lot of time it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. So I wanted to lay my images out in a way that would reflect that. There are certain moments in your life that stick out more than others and a bunch of little things that happen and no one really sees or maybe they see and don't  understand. All of those things even the little things are what make us who we are and what represents our lives. I find myself at the age of 24 still discovering who I am. I think this is why this project is so important to me, because it's not necessarily to show you who I am, it's to show me who I am. And to remind myself years from now who I was at a certain point in time, and see what has changed and what has remained the same. Once I embraced that this project was for me and no one else, I knew I had to keep this project going. I no longer cared if my design wasn't going to make sense to other people because this project is for me, and I am the only person I need to please. This is truly a new way of thinking for me, and it is extremely refreshing.

All that being said I do want to share my project with anyone who has an interest in discovering more about me, and my life. This particular collage represents the last three months of my life. Some days are represented with more than one picture, while some only have one picture to represent that day. I feel that is appropriate for me because sometimes I couldn't settle on just one image for that day because each image was equally important to me. So here is my new design and cheers to a new outlook on life!

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