January 25, 2012

iphone-o-graphs of the day: entry one

While putting the last 16 days of my iPhone-o-graphs together. I was taken on a journey that reminded me of what I was doing that particular day. I wasn't sure if the images would actually take me back to the memories of that day but, they do and I am so pleased by that.

I spent a lot of time at home this past week working on my computer so a lot of the images taken were on breaks from the computer, and some were taken while I was at the computer. It actually surprised me that there are six pictures taken while I was at the computer, because I didn't go anywhere or do anything but work those entire days. I need to get out more! At least I got to get out a little bit the other ten days. Even if it was just for a quick potty break. When it snowed Duncan was so excited for his walk. He "hoovered" as much snow as he could while we were out. He just loves to eat snow!

I am very proud that I stuck to taking a photograph everyday. I even remembered to take a photo the day I had the twenty-four hour flue and was in bed all day! Which is the image of the ceiling fan. I am not really sure I want to remember that day..... but I love that even on my worst day I stayed committed to this project. I am looking forward to continuing this journey. Also all the photos are iPhone only and I only edit them on my phone as well, so that they are true iPhone-o-graphs. 

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