February 1, 2012

my first bridal show

This past Sunday I attended my first bridal show as a vendor at the Marion Bridal Extravaganza! I was really excited about doing the bridal show and I am really glad I did. I meet so many wonderful brides to be accompanied by their friends and family and even a few grooms came along as well. I thought it was super sweet when I actually meet sisters or mothers and sisters doing the leg work for the bride because of their busy schedule. How sweet is that! I love to see families pulling together and making the wedding planning go even smoother. I also meet a lot of other local vendors which I enjoyed very much. I wish I would have walked around and talked to more local vendors but the time flew right by and before I knew it the show was over! So for all of the other vendors I did not get a chance to meet I hope you had a grab day and I hope to meet you soon. This was truly an experience I will never forget and I hope to repeat again and again.

I will be honest I was definitely nervous for my first bridal show, but I think that overall the show went great. I couldn't of made it without the help of my AMAZING Grandma who helped me brainstorm and pick out fabric and shop for what seemed like an endless list of supplies and she also made all of my pillows and runners and covered my desk chair. The set of two chairs are even my Grandmas which she let me borrow! Honestly she is the best Grandma ever and I will never be able to thank her enough for all of her help not only with this show but my whole life. Sending a big hug, kiss and thank you your way Grandma!!! I want to thank my wonderful husband who also listened to all of my ideas through out this process and helped me get ready for it, set up on the day of, and he helped me at the entire show! Thank you so much baby! Also I can not forget to thank my best friend Kristen Cliff for designing my new logo, business cards, leave behind, mailing list/sign in sheet, and my door prize papers. I would have been lost without her as well! Now I finally have an identity that represents me and my business! YAY! Love Ya Kristen! I also want to thank Amy at C Studios for allowing me to use my images from the weddings I had the pleasure of assisting you on! You are the best! I also want to thank AMANDA JULCA for allowing me to use the images I shot at the wedding I had the lovely opportunity to assist her on. And last but certainly not least thank you to all of my clients for choosing me to be your photographer and allowing me to use your images in my booth! Without you none of this would of been possible and YOU are the reason I love to do what I do. Love You all!!

I also want to wish all the brides and grooms to be a very happy wedding and life together! I hope to see you again, and would LOVE to document your wedding day! Happy planning!

Since I loved the bridal show experience so much I am actually doing it again this weekend at the Mid Ohio Bridal Spectacular in Mansfield! Come visit my booth if you are in the area! I can't wait to meet even more bride and grooms to be!

Well I think that about covers it! Here are pictures of my booth set up at the Marion Bridal Extravaganza. I am really happy with the way it turned out I feel it represents my business really well, and it is completely me! They were taken with my phone super quickly so please forgive some of the blurry ones.

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